Studies Overview

The E- Academy of Visual Art & Beautification Technologies is a new Online Learning School providing diverse educational opportunities in a way that Members and Students to become tomorrow's thinkers, problem solvers, and Creative Industries Leaders, making The Academy an educational Basis for the 21st century.

Fields of study usually have several sub-disciplines or branches, and the distinguishing lines between these are often both arbitrary and ambiguous.
List of academic disciplines:

          1. Visual Arts-Fine Arts,
          2. Visual Arts-Digital Arts,
          3. Visual Arts and Education,
          4. Architectual and Urban Design,
          5. Beautification Technologies & Art Material Engineering,
          6. Product and Industry Design,
          7. Philosopical and Theological Aesthetics,
          8. VisuaI Creative & Interdiciplinary Advertising,
          9. CIvilization Recovery & Development.

(C) Rylov

(C) Hundertwasser

(C) Clark Green City conceptual master (AECOM)

(C) Edward Hopper

Amsterdam Houses


(C) Virginia San Fratello on 3D Printing

(C) Peter Brown - Victoria Art Gallery - Bath

Sim City Software (Cambridge Railway)

(C) MVDRV futuristic-living-city-walls

(c) Abigail Daker

(C) Renzo Park Sub Trance


Milan Houses

Industrial Artificial 3D House Printing Material

Green roof (C) (C) (C) Kianouri Art E-Academy (C) AA100000 Civilization (C) Kianouri Nikrouz (C) 2000 NiK-KiA (C) NiKrouz KiAnouri 1960-2060